Spotting a bad capacitor

Troubleshooting a Bad Capacitor

With so many expenses lined up, it can be frustrating when even your AC capacitor goes bad. This is why many people consider running their AC even with a bad capacitor. But can you run your AC with a bad capacitor?

A simple answer would be no; you can't run your AC on a bad capacitor. If you do, you'd only be making things worse for yourself. You will need to go for capacitor repair or replacement.

How to Spot a Bad Capacitor

There are plenty of ways to spot a bad capacitor. If you think that your capacitor needs repairs, watch out for these signs:

AC Blowing Hot Air

Your air conditioner is supposed to blow cool air inside your home, but if it starts doing the opposite, that is a major indication that your capacitor has become faulty and needs immediate repairs.

Increased Electric Bills

If you see a spike in your electricity bills without any reason, it might be because of a bad capacitor. Observe how your air conditioner works; if your air conditioner's performance is dropping and increasing your bills, it's time to get your capacitor checked.

AC Making Noises

Air conditioners do not make any funny noises, but if your AC is making humming or clanking sounds when you switch it on, it's probably because there's something wrong with your capacitor. If you're not sure, you should contact an AC technician and have them examine your AC for a faulty capacitor.

Capacitor Repairs

Many people consider replacing or repairing AC capacitors at home. While DIY capacitor repair or replacement will save you money, it is, however, not something that experts recommend. There are many risks associated with such tasks, which can lead to serious injuries or even death.

You can do it if you have the experience, but if you've never repaired an AC capacitor or worked with electrical appliances, it's better to get your repairs done by a team of experts. If you don't know any reliable AC technicians, we recommend trying out American Pride. We provide all sorts of HVAC services, including capacitor repairs.

Final Thoughts

Running your AC on a bad capacitor is never a good idea. Capacitor repair is important when it goes bad or starts hindering the performance of your AC. Now you know which signs to be on the lookout for to identify a bad capacitor.

Make sure that as soon as you spot these signs, you call in your repair team and get the repairs done so that your Air conditioner stays in a running condition for a long time.

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