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Certified HVAC Contractor for your Cooling System

Are you looking to install a new air conditioner or heating system?

A correctly planned and well-designed heating ventilation and air conditioning system is second to none for ensuring your indoor environment is healthy, comfortable and energy efficient. To increase performance and minimize costs, always go with an experienced HVAC Contractor who is well-versed in AC installation.

Searching for a reliable HVAC contractor is crucial. An improper installation affects your system’s performance and causes a variety of issues. For example, poor installation inhibits energy efficiency, leads to airflow problems, causes excessive moisture, and shortens your unit’s lifespan. Once you choose American Pride Air Conditioning & Heating, you longer have to deal with these issues. We stand out from the competition because we employ experienced contractors and provide top-quality products.

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Why Install an Energy Efficient System?

HVAC systems combine the best of both worlds:

It provides a powerful heating system to keep you warm in the winter, and an energy-efficient air conditioning system to keep your home/office cool during the summer. Your cooling system’s design is critical as it ensures that the temperature is regulated smoothly throughout the building with optimal efficiency. The ventilation aspect of the HVAC helps ensure that you get a constant supply of fresh and clean air.

Our location allows us to help homeowners and business-owners across different parts of Tennessee. We have highly qualified and fully trained technicians to work on your project from planning to completion.

American Pride’s Air Conditioning Technician To the Rescue

Our installation technicians are insured, licensed, and local – we know the unique issues faced by homeowners and businesses. Moreover, they have undergone a strict background screening process, which means that any technician sent to your home is one of the best in business. In other words, our experienced professionals focus on maximizing comfort and won’t pack their bags until you are happy. After all, customer satisfaction ranks as our topmost priority.

We specialize in the installation, maintenance repair, and equipment updates for both commercial and residential buildings and offer affordable solutions to deal with varying challenges. Our vision is simple: simplify the life of homeowners, optimize their cooling system’s performance, save their energy costs, and minimize disruption.

Replacement Guaranteed

We take pride in our cooling and heating installations. In addition, we provide a one-year warranty and our repair services come with a 90-day guarantee.


American Pride Air Conditioning & Heating is the preferred HVAC Contractor for installations in eastern Tennessee. Therefore if your home becomes too cold or too hold, call the technicians at American Pride for immediate assistance.