AC compressor going bad

Is Your AC Compressor Going Bad?

Air conditioners are no longer luxury; they are necessary, and nothing is worse than a broken AC on a hot summer day. Your HVAC system brings out cool air with the help of a compressor. Your AC compressor is the real MVP when it is scorching hot outside. But a bad compressor will leave your home with no cool air. To ensure your air conditioner keeps running in top condition, you should get regular maintenance and be on the lookout for signs of a bad compressor. These include the following:

Excessive Noise

Your HVAC system is supposed to be noise-free. At most, all you hear is a faint humming sound. But if your air conditioner is making excessive clunking and rattling noise, it’s because your air compressor has some fault. Generally, this is a sign of electrical failure in your air conditioner’s compressor.

Lack of Cold Air

Make sure that your air conditioner’s filters are always clean. It is one of the main reasons your AC stops blowing cold air. But if you’re sure your filters are clean and your AC is still not blowing cold air, there might be a fault in your compressor. In this case, get your AC compressor checked by your technician as soon as possible.

Increased Electric Bills

If you see a spike in your electricity bills without any reason, it might be because of a bad capacitor. Observe how your air conditioner works; if your air conditioner's performance is dropping and increasing your bills, it's time to get your capacitor checked.

Circuit Breaker Issues

Circuit breakers evenly divide the load of electrical appliances throughout your home. When the load exceeds your home’s capacity, the breaker trips to ensure your home doesn’t catch fire. But when your AC’s circuit breaker keeps tripping frequently, it’s probably because your AC compressor has some fault. If the breaker feels hot, that’s even more of a reason to be concerned.

Diminished Air Flow

If you notice the airflow from your air conditioner slowly starts to diminish, you should get it checked by a professional right away. Sometimes, the air vents don’t blow any air out at all. This is also a major sign of a bad compressor, so you should get it checked.

The Bottom Line

Simply put, if your air conditioner is making excessively loud noises, not blowing, or has decreased airflow, and the circuit breaker trips frequently, it’s probably because of a bad compressor. In such cases, you should always get your AC compressor checked by an expert technician. Get in touch with American Pride Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC. They specialize in making air conditioner and HVAC system repairs, including, of course, bad compressors. If there’s any fault in your compressor, they will fix it immediately with their years of expertise.

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